The consideration for my time and companionship is as follows....





Four Hours | 3000

Six Hours | 3500

Eight Hours | 4000

Fourteen Hours | 5000

Twenty-Four Hours | 6000

Forty-Eight Hours | 10000

Additional Day | 5000





I am based in San Francisco, but I can come to you anywhere in the Bay Area for memorable dates. I frequently visit Menlo Park, Palo Alto, San Jose, etc. If you are farther away, I may ask for a travel fee beforehand to cover the cost of coming to meet you. 
I can meet you at upscale hotels and I do not visit private residences. If you would like me to provide the accommodations, an additional deposit (separate from my consideration) must be sent before our date. 

Multiday engagements are available to suitors who I've met several times and have developed a close and trusting relationship with. I ask for at least seven hours of continuous sleep and a few hours of private time to placate my introverted tendencies. 

I understand the unexpected happens occasionally, but engagements cancelled in less than 24 hours require a 50% cancellation fee. By agreeing to see you, I am turning down other possibilities. Alas, not respecting this agreement will result in a blacklist and the dissolution of our acquaintance.